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Submitted on
March 26


18 (who?)
When the sun scorched the wax out of the wings,
and blinded him with unfeeling light,
did a grin glimmer across his lips?

There must have only been a few seconds
before the fall pulled him towards crystal waters
and the terror sunk into his skin.
But in those moments, he must have smiled
at the death gliding besides him.

Because whilst it was the flight
that carried him to his last reach,
at least he touched the sky.

The feathers burst into flame,
and he left us, glowing.
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Some of my other work ^_^:

On Broadway RoadThere's a naked woman on Broadway Road
Standing, hunched, over the curb
Lightheaded on the stench of gasoline
Baring it all from head to toe
In the spotlight of the city, amidst waves of noise
Her hands struggle to hide the pouch of left-over baby fat
Still clinging to her waist by the umbilical cord
The people gawk and stare her way
Their eyes crawl up and down her skin
and hug the hips, somewhere between curvy and big-boned,
spotting the blemishes, dimples of cellulite;
But no seems to see the tattoos of blood and ink
Stamped across her back like scars
Barely legible through the fog:
“Lost Child; Return to Owner”
Her eyes are brown and facing down
And wrinkles haves started to take hold of the face
That used to hold Aphrodite's envy.
The summer sun scalds the sidewalk she skulks on
And passerby tiptoe around the elephant in the avenue
Watching her wave a pen wildly through the air,
Invisible words that mean nothing to no one, speaking the truth
Behind her, the glitz and g
  Red Lips, Blue LipsCrimson lips of sultry nights
Lush and smooth and kissable
Seductress tools to tease and temper
Caressing, irresistible
Blue and purple lips, like death
Your eyes are closing off the day
Grim claws are closing on your throat
Until you feel life slip away
Pink and pretty lips, so young
Fresh and elastic with honeyed youth
Lips not afraid, yet, of this world
With no fear to speak the truth
Busted lips of hopeless nights
And screams of feeling weak and small
Terror of being hurt again
When he towers over you, so tall
Black lips painted with the times
A metal ring pierced on the lower
Misunderstood, not yet a woman
Make-up caking, until you're older
Smoking lips of green cigars
Sitting on the street all night
A lighter running out of gas
Asking strangers for a light
Bitten lips, excitement flowing
Trying hard to get a grip
But that gets impossible to do
When face to face with Crimson lips
  Death to the Poet"Death to the Oracles, Gypsies of Light
Who see through blindness of man and his infinite night
Through the lies of the Fates and their wriggling tales
And hear oncoming days through time's shrieks and wails
Death to the Sorcerers, Gypsies of Force
Who weave fire from breath and sing winds off their course
Who lift Earth from it's patterns and craft boisterous rain
And trap stars in their palms, and suck suns in their veins
Death to the Mothers, the Gypsies of Life
Child's Deus Ex Machina, the hunting man's wife
The bearer of Futures, the giver of Souls
Who find shadows of crisis and swallow them whole
Death to the monsters shrieking in the mind
Of the man with whom tragedy and God are entwined,
Manipulating old words to invigorate youth
Death to the Poet, The Gypsy of Truth"
  The Mud-Eyed GypsyI am the Mud-Eyed Gypsy Girl
and I have escaped the seduction of wolves
They snarled and gnawed at my ankles
I found the tuxedo-masked stranger
His eyes full of stars
Who I implored to save me
But alas
I saved myself
As the cosmos guided me into the lips
Of precariously patient Venus Flytraps
I spat in Destiny's eye
And climbed out of acidic lies
Raven wings streaming,dreaming behind me
Ugly and Black
The gutter and the witch's moon called to me
And the starry eyes behind the mask tempted
But I tamed him like I tamed my own darkness
The howling ghouls can't hurt me now.
My blood-black night is VICTORIOUS.

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WingDiamond Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
:iconeddieplz::iconsaysplz; Yes, He Did!

Fly On Yer Wings ... Like A (B)Eagle 
Fly ... Touch The Sun!…
SalemAbraham Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
I love mythology and I think it's beautiful that you wrote about him
LunarNightmare Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd have to agree, it must have been quite the experienceIkaros 
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